After a day of sightseeing or even adventure, your body asks for a little more than just rest. Make use of our spa, prepared to take care of both body and soul. We have an area of ​​130m2 at your disposal entirely devoted to you, with experts in each specialty.

Due to the pandemic situation, and following the directives of the Portuguese Health Management (Direção-Geral da Saúde), access to the indoor pool is only allowed by appointment and with a limited number of people.
Sauna, Turkish bath and hydromassage cabins are closed.
More information at the hotel’s reception desk.

Come on and try it...


Mountain Diving

Although the landscape is inviting, the temperature calls for a little more warmth. Whether it is the beginning or the end of your stay at the spa, take a dive into our 42-cubic-metre indoor pool.

for your body

Restorative relief

The body knows to ask for rest after a mountain adventure. And we know how to provide it in the best way. We provide technicians specialised in massage and the spa is equipped with a whirlpool cabin.

for your body

Steam imersion

There is a saying in Finland that goes that only fatal diseases cannot be cured with a good sauna. Put this wisdom to the test in our room equipped for saunas, Turkish baths, and Swiss baths.