mountain flavor


Our restaurant challenges you, but it began as a challenge to ourselves. We are faithful to the excellent local cuisine, but we wanted to bring it to the present day. Thus, we wrote a Menu, a letter of tender tribute to the delicacies that sprout around Serra da Estrela, with a bold and experimental touch.

The envelope for this letter, in the form of our restaurant, seeks to provide you with the maximum possible comfort while carrying out its tasting. Visit us, and read the best that we wrote about the gastronomy of Serra da Estrela.

Enjoy yourself...

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Bold flavours

We honour the traditions that surround us – our menu includes classic delicacies from the Serra da Estrela. From the traditional goat kid chanfana to carqueja rice, the soul of these recipes is marked by invention and our own style. Taste the fruits of the mountain and see which produce is the most enduring.

wines from dão

A mountain slope of aromas

Apenas com uma criteriosa selecção de garrafeira seríamos capazes de harmonizações com o menu que servimos. Os mais altos representantes das regiões vínicas marcam a sua presença, embora confessemos uma certa cumplicidade com os nossos vizinhos – os vinhos do Dão.

Only by means of a careful selection from the wine cellar are we able to achieve harmony with the menu we serve. The top representatives of the wine regions are here, although we confess to colluding with our neighbours – Dão wines.