Abrigo da Montanha

Rural Hotel

The Abrigo da Montanha aims to be the ultimate expression of the contemporaneity and design, while paying a marked tribute to traditions surrounding it.

After a renovation in 2015, a second life as a Rural Hotel & Spa aims to be the best starting point – and return – to a contemplative exploration of Serra da Estrela.

Served by the restaurant’s finest cuisine and a spa that invites you to a deep relaxation, the Abrigo da Montanha aims to be a refuge in one of the most admirable sceneries of Portugal.


discover the mountain

The last step

Sabugueiro is the last town before the Tower of Serra da Estrela. This unique position has always ensured a steady traffic of those who come to visit the mountains, over the years, making the Sabugueiro the showcase where you see the best the region has to offer.


In each room a shelter

We did not choose the name Abrigo (Shelter) by chance. This word contains an attitude: to provide maximum comfort and cosiness to our guests.


An enveloping shelter

After a day of sightseeing or even adventure, your body asks for a little more than just rest. Make use of our spa, prepared to take care of both body and soul

Abrigo da Montanha

An intimate shelter

Before ascending to the summit, climbers gather at the foothills camp, where they exchange stories and advice. Our bar is intended as a space of similar familiarity and relaxation.

We provide all the gear you need for support.