a challenging mountain

A stairway to heaven

It is thought that this imposing mountain that dominates the landscape receives the nickname of Estrela (Star) from the Neolithic period. It is said that when the Aldebaran star appeared in the sky, the warm weather had returned and it would be possible to shepherd on the mountaintop under less stringent temperatures.

This is also a place populated by legends such as the Lagoa Escura (Dark Lagoon), which is said to have underwater monsters, enchanted Moorish princesses waiting for a reconquest by the Islamic faith and even reports of shipwrecks from the Seven Seas whose remains loom around the lake.

Somewhere between Neolithic pragmatism and medieval mysticism, Serra da Estrela is today a point of tourist attraction, which offers a unique ethnographic and gastronomic ecosystem. It also hosts the only ski resort in a country of mild climate.

Come to the adventure!


A mountain of ice

The Serra da Estrela is the reference when it comes to snow in Portugal. Through the years, at the beginning of a peaceful dusk of ice crystals, there has always been a pilgrimage to the top by people from all over the country. And the mountains are equipped to respond to their attention: trails, ski slopes and the unique view from the Tower satisfies all kinds of fun in the snow.


A mountain of water

The peak of visits to Serra Da Estrela happens in the winter time. But it saves some of its charms for times of more favourable climate. Freed of coats, you may decide to explore rural villages that time has not changed – cuddling under a warm sun. You can also be presented with a landscape that, when bereft of its white gown, reveals the reason for its fame from the natural springs of Serra da Estrela.


In the heart od FÃO

The edaphoclimatic conditions of the region of Dão confer a very unique terroir to their wines. And this is amplified in the vineyards that call the mountain foothills home. Discover the mineral character and refreshing citric nature of these wines – ideally, served in our restaurant.

the best friends

A native companion

It is said that the origins of the Shepherd dog of Serra da Estrela date back to the time of the Visigoths, who brought Asian breeds to the Iberian Peninsula which are better adapted to the hilly terrain. A robust, shaggy breed, of large size and with a very loyal character – something common in sheperd breeds. You will find several in your tours in the mountains and some even available to go home with you.